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Mar 6, 2015

Invoice system launched

In order to help our users easily get an invoice after payment, we developed an invoice system and launched it today.

Anyone can enter their payee information at billing address page and down a PDF invoice from subscriptions page (clicking "View/Down" link of related subscription first, then click "Download" link of specific payment).

Got suggestion for the invoice system? Just send it to us!

Jun 11, 2014

Free Trial Plans Added

From now on, all EasyCron premium plans are triable!

We launched 3 Trial plans (Starter Trial, Plus Trial and Max Trial) for Starter, Plus and Max plan. They're totally free. No credit card information or prepayment will be asked before using these plans.

We believe that the Trial plans are the best way for new users to test drive all the cool features which EasyCron has.

Currently all Trial plans last for 7 days. That will be more than enough for anybody to evaluate if EasyCron works for them.

Try our free Trial plans for our cron job service now!

Apr 17, 2014

EasyCron moved to https

In order to better protect our users' data, EasyCron switched to HTTPS today.

Using secure connection will be default over our whole site. Any HTTP connection to us will be redirected to HTTPS with 301 permanent redirect. There is one exception though: any requests to our API will be kept intact. The HTTP API requests begin with "http://www.easycron.com/rest/". This execption assures that any requests made by existent applications will still work. New API implementation is encouraged to use our HTTPS endpoint.

After the switch, all data transferred between users' browsers and EasyCron server will be encrypted and immune to sniffing.

If you're our affiliate partner, please update your affiliate link accordingly. Although updating the link is not necessary for us to track your referring, it's better to avoid a redirect :)

Enjoy a more secure EasyCron, and write to us if you want a talk :)

Feb 27, 2014

Cron job execution statistics and separate failure logs added

In order to help users inspect the execution status of their cron jobs, we added cron job execution statistics and separate failure logs to EasyCron.

You may see the cron job execution statistics (including the total number of successful executions (TS), total number of failed executions (TF) and number of consecutive failed executions (CF)) in the cron job list:

Cron job execution statistics

If there is non-zero "total failures" in any of your cron job rows, the background color of the number will turn red. You should check these outstanding rows immediately to resolve the potential problems.

Besides the general Logs and Predictions, we implemented a feature that keeps failure logs separately from the general logs. With this feature, you can analyze the logged failures at any time, and have no need to worry about the "flowing away" of the oldest logs.

For existent cron jobs, we started logging the execution statistics and separate failures from Feb 27 2014 13:19:00 UTC. Please keep in mind this point when evaluating your cron jobs' health.

Below we list how do the user behaviors affect the logs and statistics data.

Change Settings Enable Log Disable Log Enable Cron Job Disable Cron Job
General Logs Clear Clear Clear - -
Separate Failure Logs Clear Clear Clear - -
Total Success Count Reset Reset Reset - -
Total Failure Count Reset Reset Reset - -
Consecutive Failure Count Reset Reset Reset Reset -

In above table, "Clear" means deleting all logs; "Reset" means changing the number to zero; "-" means doing nothing.

"Change Settings" includes any actions that can change cron job settings excepting "Enable Logs", "Disable Logs", "Enable Cron Job" and "Disable Cron Job".

Oct 10, 2013

Cron job groups added. Categorization and reordering made possible.

Hi Everyone,

We just added a new "Groups" feature to our system.

From now on, you can create groups, and categorize your cron jobs into different group conveniently. Just simply click on the switcher:

Cron job group view switcher

You will come to a Group View of the cron job list. In the Group View, you can drag cron jobs to categorize or reorder them, and you can also reorder the groups! (check below screenshots)

Drag to categorize/reorder cron jobs

Drag to reorder cron job groups

With the powerful "Groups" feature, you won't get lost in long cron job list again :)

We consider our system's user experience as the most important thing. If you have any advice, let us know.

Oct 5, 2013

EasyCron Affiliate Program Launched

Today we proudly launched EasyCron Affiliate Program.

Earn up to $9.99 or more by referring a paid user! Join our Affiliate Program now!


  • Register as EasyCron user
  • On On affiliate page, click on "Add affiliate page" to add an affiliate page (A webpage that you want to place our link on).
  • We approve the affiliate page.
  • You place our link on your affiliate page.
  • Start earning commissions.

Any suggestion, drop us a line.

Aug 6, 2013

How to test if your cron job is correctly set

After setting up a cron job on server, you may want to know if the cron job was correctly configured, and if the execution date and time will be same as you assume.

To make sure your cron job has correct trigger date and time, you can use our cron job execution time predictor.

To generate a working crontab line, you may use our crontab generator.

After you add the cron job to the system, if you're an idealist, you may also want to test if the cron job really work.

To test the cron job you added, put the following PHP code into a PHP file, upload it to your server. Upload another text file named "output.txt" (make sure you have "write" permission to it). Set up a cron job to trigger the PHP file.

define('TIMEZONE', 'UTC');

$fh = fopen('/home/xxx/public_html/output.txt', 'a');
echo $fh;
echo fwrite($fh, date('Y-m-d H:i:s', time()) . "\r\n");



When the scheduled time pasts, you may check if output.txt was written with some content. If it did, congratulations! Your cron job is working perfectly.