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Apr 17, 2014

EasyCron moved to https

In order to better protect our users' data, EasyCron switched to HTTPS today.

Using secure connection will be default over our whole site. Any HTTP connection to us will be redirected to HTTPS with 301 permanent redirect. There is one exception though: any requests to our API will be kept intact. The HTTP API requests begin with "http://www.easycron.com/rest/". This execption assures that any requests made by existent applications will still work. New API implementation is encouraged to use our HTTPS endpoint.

After the switch, all data transferred between users' browsers and EasyCron server will be encrypted and immune to sniffing.

If you're our affiliate partner, please update your affiliate link accordingly. Although updating the link is not necessary for us to track your referring, it's better to avoid a redirect :)

Enjoy a more secure EasyCron, and write to us if you want a talk :)