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Oct 10, 2013

Cron job groups added. Categorization and reordering made possible.

Hi Everyone,

We just added a new "Groups" feature to our system.

From now on, you can create groups, and categorize your cron jobs into different group conveniently. Just simply click on the switcher:

Cron job group view switcher

You will come to a Group View of the cron job list. In the Group View, you can drag cron jobs to categorize or reorder them, and you can also reorder the groups! (check below screenshots)

Drag to categorize/reorder cron jobs

Drag to reorder cron job groups

With the powerful "Groups" feature, you won't get lost in long cron job list again :)

We consider our system's user experience as the most important thing. If you have any advice, let us know.

Oct 6, 2013

EasyCron Affiliate Program Launched

Today we proudly launched EasyCron Affiliate Program.

Earn up to $9.99 or more by referring a paid user! Join our Affiliate Program now!


  • Register as EasyCron user
  • On On affiliate page, click on "Add affiliate page" to add an affiliate page (A webpage that you want to place our link on).
  • We approve the affiliate page.
  • You place our link on your affiliate page.
  • Start earning commissions.

Any suggestion, drop us a line.

Aug 7, 2013

How to test if your cron job is correctly set

After setting up a cron job on server, you may want to know if the cron job was correctly configured, and if the execution date and time will be same as you assume.

To make sure your cron job has correct trigger date and time, you can use our cron job execution time predictor.

To generate a working crontab line, you may use our crontab generator.

After you add the cron job to the system, if you're an idealist, you may also want to test if the cron job really work.

To test the cron job you added, put the following PHP code into a PHP file, upload it to your server. Upload another text file named "output.txt" (make sure you have "write" permission to it). Set up a cron job to trigger the PHP file.

define('TIMEZONE', 'UTC');

$fh = fopen('/home/xxx/public_html/output.txt', 'a');
echo $fh;
echo fwrite($fh, date('Y-m-d H:i:s', time()) . "\r\n");



When the scheduled time pasts, you may check if output.txt was written with some content. If it did, congratulations! Your cron job is working perfectly.

Jul 15, 2013

Updates to cron job UI and API

We allow users using three ways to specify cron jobs' execution time from now on:

New UI to configure cron job
New UI to configure cron job

As you can see in above screenshot (highlighted in green), you can specify when to execute your cron jobs:

  • By time interval

    You may set cron job's execution time interval easily by choosing an option:
    Set up cron job by execution interval
    Set up cron job by execution interval
    EasyCron will generate a Cron expression for your cron job. The final execution date and time of your cron job will meet your interval setting, with a random starting time. For example, for a cron job run every 10 minutes, the final Cron expression we generated could be 0/10 * * * *, or 6/10 * * * *, the latter means, the cron job starts running at "06" minute, and then be triggered every 10 minutes.
  • By entering a Cron expression directly

    We support standard Cron expression that used in several mainstream Cron implements (Cronie, Vixie cron and Quartz java scheduler, etc.). If you already have Cron expressions for your cron jobs, or you're adept at writing them, this could be a convenient yet powerful way to specify execution time of your cron jobs.
    Besides general specicial characters, EasyCron also supports "R" character in cron expression. "R" is defined by EasyCron for specifying random execution time of cron jobs. To see details of its usage, you may check our Random Cron Job section.
  • Choose manually

    Choose execution times and dates of cron job
    Choose execution times and dates of cron job
    This is a intuitional way to configure dates and times to run your cron jobs. No matter you're a novice or an expert, you'll find the interface helpful. It supports all special chars including "R".

We also updated our API to adapt the cron expression improvement:

  • Parameter changes:

    Simplifying parameters of queries, using only one paramter (cron_expression) to indicate the run time of a cron job instead of 5 (minute, hour, day, month, weekday).
  • Error message changes:

    Changed some error messages.
For more details, please checkout our API document page.
Hope that anyone will enjoy the extremely easier process of managing cron jobs. If you have any suggestion, feel free to leave a message at our contact page.

Jun 7, 2013

One-click Sign up and Sign in to Manage Cron Jobs

We recently added a feature to EasyCron that will greatly simplify users' signing up and signing in process on our system.

From now on, new users can sign up with just one click (and confirmation) to use EasyCron.


  • No user details need to be entered,
  • no typos will occur,
  • no activation Email checking,
  • no Email delivery failure.
All you need to have is your browser has connected with Facebook or Google. We will retrieve your Email address (we just need your Email address, no other sensitive information will be retrieved) safely and generated a user account for you. At the same timie the login information of this generated account will be sent to your Email address in case you want to login in a general way.

Users registered by this mean can log in with one lick. So you don't have to worry about forgetting username or password anymore.

you're one click away from our powerful online cron job service. Sound good, right? ;)

May 25, 2013

New Version EasyCron.com Rolled out

Today we proudly rolled out a new version of EasyCron. It's a big update to many components of the system, including:

  • New Design

    We replaced the old design with a fresh and inspiring new design. The change covers every pages and elements of the system. We believe you will be pleased with it.

  • More AJAX

    We utilize more AJAX in cron job management process. You will notice that cron job management (enabling, disabling cron job, etc) is much easier than before.

  • Bulk Actions

    Bulk Actions were requested by our users for many times. I need to say sorry about keeping them waiting, but we want to think over it thoroughly before building it :) Now it's done. I think the bulk action list shown below have covered most of the frequently used actions. If there is action we missed, let me know.

    Handle multiple cron jobs quickly
    Handle multiple cron jobs quickly
  • Better Notices

    Some users may find that JS alerts are not that user-friendly, especially when these alerts are popped up with browser's "preventing these messages to show again" confirmation. We also see that. So we use light boxes and AJAX in-page notices in some cases this time.

  • Responsive Design

    We attempt to pull-in responsive design to facilitate mobile users' using. Considering more and more users are connecting to EasyCron via cellphone, responsive design is a must. The responsive design is not implement on all elements throughout the site, if you have any advice, contact us.

  • Google Custom Search Integration

    From now on, users can search our site conveniently via a Google custom search box added on the navigation bar. The search engine can search all public pages of EasyCron including FAQs, ToS, general pages, etc.. We hope it will save your time on searching information on our site.

  • Page Row Settings

    For user who has huge number of cron jobs, we add a helpful feature to achieve better cron job navigation. This new feature is allowing user to custom the row number that each page of cron jobs has.

That's all. If you have any suggestion, send us a message.

Thanks for reading!

EasyCron.com Team

May 9, 2013

Cron Job Generator

Greetings all,

EasyCron recently released a new tool that helps Unix/Linux users to set the cron jobs right. It's called Cron Job Generator.

With this tool, you can write correct crobtab syntax easily, and even with some additional features, e.g. muting the cron job running, Emailing cron job execution output to specified Email address, writing cron job output to file etc.

Enjoy the new tool! If you have any questions or suggestions, send us a message through our Contact Form.

Mar 10, 2013

Cron Job Run Time Predictions

Hi everyone,

We recently released a new feature in our application: Predicting cron jobs' run times.

As you can see in our example page, once your added a cron job and enable the "Logs and Predictions", you will see latest logs in the past and run time predictions in the nearest future for the cron job (Log and prediction number depend on the plan quota. You can also configure them in the cron job "Logs and Predictions" panel).

We believe that by seeing when will your cron job run, you will be more sure how to set the cron job correctly.

Just play it around and let us know your suggestion if you have any.

Feb 20, 2013

User agent and IP of easycron.com

After last server upgrade, our new server IPs are:

You could always find our latest IPs at EasyCron IPs page.
Our user agent is still the same:
EasyCron/1.0 (https://www.easycron.com/)

You can easily check if accesses to your cron job script come from our server by comparing IPs or/and user agent.

If you're configuring a firewall, make sure you have white-listed our IPs or user agent.

Feb 1, 2013

Cron job server upgrade finished

During a few past days, our server have some stability problem when handling peak workload. In order to fix the problem, we decided to move to a new server which has much better hardware specifications.

Now we're proud to say that the migration from old server to the new one has been completed, and all figures of the site running on the new server come out are much better than they're on the old server. I believe most of our users will experience these changes too and be happy about this.

After migration, we're quite confident that:

  • All cron jobs will be run more quickly (thanks to the network connection upgrade of the server) and more reliably (we have a mass RAM now);
  • Page load will be much faster (hardware + network upgrade, and we use the world's fastest web server -- nginx);
  • We can offer users some plans of higher configuration (we're planning to store more cron job execution logs in the the future so that our users can have a clear view of longer time span on how their cron jobs had run).

If you have any other suggestions, you may drop us a line.

Thanks for the patience on waiting. Enjoy a vigorous easyCron!

Jan 26, 2013

Cron job number limit removed

After deep investigation, we found that abuse mainly came from API, so we decide to remove the number limit on cron job, and keep the limit on API request, but adjust the quota to:

Free: Max 100 daily API requests
Starter: Max 1000 daily API requests
Plus: Max 2000 daily API requests
Max: Max 5000 daily API requests

Hope that our users will enjoy the change, you can set up unlimited cron job again now!

Jan 25, 2013

User account can be safely cancelled from user panel.

From now on, users who don't need our cron job service anymore can safely cancel their accounts on user panel: http://www.easycron.com/user/edit.

After cancellation, your account information/data will be permanently cleared from our system, and the action is irreversible. So please do it with caution.

You're welcome to tell us why you're going away via our feedback form though.

Jan 9, 2013

Service plans updated

We recently updated our service plans for the purpose of optimizing our system performance, improving stability and fighting abuse.

Two main updates to our service plans are:

1. Adding cron job quota to each plan as following:

Free: Max 5 active cron jobs
Starter: Max 50 active cron jobs
Plus: Max 200 active cron jobs
Max: Max 500 active cron jobs

2. Adding API request daily quota to plans as following:

Free: Max 10 daily API requests
Starter: Max 200 daily API requests
Plus: Max 400 daily API requests
Max: Max 1000 daily API requests

You may see details of these updates at https://www.easycron.com/pricing.