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May 25, 2013

New Version EasyCron.com Rolled out

Today we proudly rolled out a new version of EasyCron. It's a big update to many components of the system, including:

  • New Design

    We replaced the old design with a fresh and inspiring new design. The change covers every pages and elements of the system. We believe you will be pleased with it.

  • More AJAX

    We utilize more AJAX in cron job management process. You will notice that cron job management (enabling, disabling cron job, etc) is much easier than before.

  • Bulk Actions

    Bulk Actions were requested by our users for many times. I need to say sorry about keeping them waiting, but we want to think over it thoroughly before building it :) Now it's done. I think the bulk action list shown below have covered most of the frequently used actions. If there is action we missed, let me know.

    Handle multiple cron jobs quickly
    Handle multiple cron jobs quickly
  • Better Notices

    Some users may find that JS alerts are not that user-friendly, especially when these alerts are popped up with browser's "preventing these messages to show again" confirmation. We also see that. So we use light boxes and AJAX in-page notices in some cases this time.

  • Responsive Design

    We attempt to pull-in responsive design to facilitate mobile users' using. Considering more and more users are connecting to EasyCron via cellphone, responsive design is a must. The responsive design is not implement on all elements throughout the site, if you have any advice, contact us.

  • Google Custom Search Integration

    From now on, users can search our site conveniently via a Google custom search box added on the navigation bar. The search engine can search all public pages of EasyCron including FAQs, ToS, general pages, etc.. We hope it will save your time on searching information on our site.

  • Page Row Settings

    For user who has huge number of cron jobs, we add a helpful feature to achieve better cron job navigation. This new feature is allowing user to custom the row number that each page of cron jobs has.

That's all. If you have any suggestion, send us a message.

Thanks for reading!

EasyCron.com Team

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