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Oct 10, 2013

Cron job groups added. Categorization and reordering made possible.

Hi Everyone,

We just added a new "Groups" feature to our system.

From now on, you can create groups, and categorize your cron jobs into different group conveniently. Just simply click on the switcher:

Cron job group view switcher

You will come to a Group View of the cron job list. In the Group View, you can drag cron jobs to categorize or reorder them, and you can also reorder the groups! (check below screenshots)

Drag to categorize/reorder cron jobs

Drag to reorder cron job groups

With the powerful "Groups" feature, you won't get lost in long cron job list again :)

We consider our system's user experience as the most important thing. If you have any advice, let us know.

Oct 6, 2013

EasyCron Affiliate Program Launched

Today we proudly launched EasyCron Affiliate Program.

Earn up to $9.99 or more by referring a paid user! Join our Affiliate Program now!


  • Register as EasyCron user
  • On On affiliate page, click on "Add affiliate page" to add an affiliate page (A webpage that you want to place our link on).
  • We approve the affiliate page.
  • You place our link on your affiliate page.
  • Start earning commissions.

Any suggestion, drop us a line.