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Feb 20, 2013

User agent and IP of easycron.com

After last server upgrade, our new server IPs are:

You could always find our latest IPs at EasyCron IPs page.
Our user agent is still the same:
EasyCron/1.0 (https://www.easycron.com/)

You can easily check if accesses to your cron job script come from our server by comparing IPs or/and user agent.

If you're configuring a firewall, make sure you have white-listed our IPs or user agent.

Feb 1, 2013

Cron job server upgrade finished

During a few past days, our server have some stability problem when handling peak workload. In order to fix the problem, we decided to move to a new server which has much better hardware specifications.

Now we're proud to say that the migration from old server to the new one has been completed, and all figures of the site running on the new server come out are much better than they're on the old server. I believe most of our users will experience these changes too and be happy about this.

After migration, we're quite confident that:

  • All cron jobs will be run more quickly (thanks to the network connection upgrade of the server) and more reliably (we have a mass RAM now);
  • Page load will be much faster (hardware + network upgrade, and we use the world's fastest web server -- nginx);
  • We can offer users some plans of higher configuration (we're planning to store more cron job execution logs in the the future so that our users can have a clear view of longer time span on how their cron jobs had run).

If you have any other suggestions, you may drop us a line.

Thanks for the patience on waiting. Enjoy a vigorous easyCron!