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Oct 9, 2022

Multiple Users support is added

You may now add multiple users to your EasyCron account if you're under an Enterprise plan (either paid or trial). The additional users are called subusers.

As an admin to your EasyCron account, you can click on the "subusers" link in the top menu to access the subuser list. There you may add/edit/delete subusers in your account.

Access Subusers Page

By clicking the "Add Subuser" button on the subusers page, you may enter an email address to create a subuser, then an email with a generated password will be sent to the email address.

"Add Subuser" Button
Enter an Email Address to Create a Subuser

After receiving the email, the subuser can login with the email address and the password. Once logs in, he or she can update the login credential (email address and password) at the user settings page.

A subuser can only add/edit/delete/view cron jobs and groups currently. Payment method, orders, billing and affiliate information, and API are not accessible nor editable by subusers.

The timezone of the account can be viewed but can not be changed by a subuser. It will help assure the consistency of the timezone in which the cron job's execution times are calculated and avoid any confusion.

If you have any advice on the new feature, please contact us. Thanks.