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Jan 26, 2013

Cron job number limit removed

After deep investigation, we found that abuse mainly came from API, so we decide to remove the number limit on cron job, and keep the limit on API request, but adjust the quota to:

Free: Max 100 daily API requests
Starter: Max 1000 daily API requests
Plus: Max 2000 daily API requests
Max: Max 5000 daily API requests

Hope that our users will enjoy the change, you can set up unlimited cron job again now!

Jan 25, 2013

User account can be safely cancelled from user panel.

From now on, users who don't need our cron job service anymore can safely cancel their accounts on user panel: http://www.easycron.com/user/edit.

After cancellation, your account information/data will be permanently cleared from our system, and the action is irreversible. So please do it with caution.

You're welcome to tell us why you're going away via our feedback form though.

Jan 9, 2013

Service plans updated

We recently updated our service plans for the purpose of optimizing our system performance, improving stability and fighting abuse.

Two main updates to our service plans are:

1. Adding cron job quota to each plan as following:

Free: Max 5 active cron jobs
Starter: Max 50 active cron jobs
Plus: Max 200 active cron jobs
Max: Max 500 active cron jobs

2. Adding API request daily quota to plans as following:

Free: Max 10 daily API requests
Starter: Max 200 daily API requests
Plus: Max 400 daily API requests
Max: Max 1000 daily API requests

You may see details of these updates at https://www.easycron.com/pricing.