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Jun 7, 2013

One-click Sign up and Sign in to Manage Cron Jobs

We recently added a feature to EasyCron that will greatly simplify users' signing up and signing in process on our system.

From now on, new users can sign up with just one click (and confirmation) to use EasyCron.


  • No user details need to be entered,
  • no typos will occur,
  • no activation Email checking,
  • no Email delivery failure.
All you need to have is your browser has connected with Facebook or Google. We will retrieve your Email address (we just need your Email address, no other sensitive information will be retrieved) safely and generated a user account for you. At the same timie the login information of this generated account will be sent to your Email address in case you want to login in a general way.

Users registered by this mean can log in with one lick. So you don't have to worry about forgetting username or password anymore.

you're one click away from our powerful online cron job service. Sound good, right? ;)

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