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Dec 12, 2011

Let user decide to test the URL first or not before adding a cron job

From now on, EasyCron.com allows user to decide if to test the URL first before adding a cron job. In those cases which a user only wants to run his URL at configured time, this feature is very useful.

In order to let EasyCron test the URL first, either clicking "ok" when EasyCron prompts the confirmation "Do you want EasyCron to test your URL first? (Recommended)" (in AJAX setting mode) or checking "Allow EasyCron to test the URL first" checkbox (in classic setting mode) will do the trick.

Don't want EasyCron to test the URL first? just do the converse.

Testing the URL first will find the timeout issue or script errors in early stage, so we highly recommend you allow us doing so.

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