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Nov 3, 2015

OVH network problem solved

From Nov 2, 17:00 UTC to Nov 2, 22:00 UTC, Our hosting company (OVH, https://twitter.com/ovh_support_en/with_replies) encountered a network problem (fibre-optic cable broken). EasyCron was having slow connections to the internet during the cable fault.

This network issue has caused many of our users' cron jobs timing out and the loading speed of our site slowing down.

We're really sorry for the problem and any inconvenience brought.

Now OVH has fixed the problem, and EasyCron was back to normal since Nov 2, 22:00 UTC.

OVH has a page with the fixing progress of the issue posted at: http://status.ovh.com/?do=details&id=11304

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