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Nov 3, 2018

EasyCron New UI Launched

We're proud to say that recently we launched an entire new UI with functionality updates.

The front end of our site is now neat and could be loaded faster.

EasyCron New Front End

The back end also got a complete rebuild. Users can now easily click into category of "enabled", "disabled" cron jobs, or a particular group of cron jobs easily from the home page's left sidebar. In the cron job list page of any category or group, you may navigate cron jobs by page, search/reorder cron jobs. These new functionality and flexibility will greatly help you find and configure your cron jobs.

EasyCron New Back End

Our whole site (including front end and back end) is mobile friendly now. We introduced all necessary responsibility technologies to make the site look and work perfectly in mobile devices (from small screen cellphone to medium screen Xpad and large screen desktop).

EasyCron New Mobile Front End

EasyCron New Mobile Back End

Stay tuned, more exciting updates are coming :)

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