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Nov 6, 2018

Use Different Timezone for Each Cron Job

Instead of using timezone from your EasyCron account for all cron jobs, from now on you may specify different timezone for each cron job.

We've just added two options that allow you to choose if you want to use the global timezone (the timezone from your EasyCron account) or specify a particular timezone for your cron job:

Specify different timezones for each of your cron jobs

In our API, associated methods (Add and Edit) also got two additional parameters (timezone_from, timezone) that implement this new feature.

To avoid confusion, all places (logs, failures, test run page, etc.) on our site showing date and times consequently have a timezone abbreviation appended:

Times Displayed with Abbreviation Timezone Names

Allowing specifying cron job timezone individually greatly improves the usability of our service in many use scenarios. Hope that you'll like it.

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